Mobility programme working in real time


Our mobility programme has now been fully implemented, a goal that we have set out to achieve since 2018 and one that we have been able to consolidate in 2019.

Through this programme, which requires the driver’s full involvement, we are able to know the status of the cargo at all times, notify our clients and plan our decisions in advance, saving us money and increasing our efficiency.

The drivers have a mobility app installed on their devices which allows them to transfer all planned actions on an order to the operator so that the operator knows at all times the order’s status. It also allows the driver to report any incident, which is then recorded directly into our ERP system so that it can later be analysed and a decision can be made. It also speeds up administrative processes by being able to process payments and expenditures online.

The advantages to our clients are clear —they will be able to track their order at all times— but it will also benefit our environmental impact. Thanks to its implementation, we are able to save on consumption by planning routes, minimise the amount of empty kilometres and analyse our drivers’ driving in order to take corrective actions.

This is just the first step towards mobilising our processes, something we will continue to do throughout the year.

Rallo Servicios Logísticos