Research project with UJI to improve environmental management


The purpose of this project is to reduce our vehicles’ oil consumption and the deterioration of their parts. In order to achieve this, we have studied a selection of lubricants by carrying out tribulogical tests, in collaboration with the Materials Science and Metal Engineering Division of Jaume I University’s Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Design. These tests have established the levels of friction caused by resistance to movement and the calculation of mechanical energy loss experienced by different types of lubricants between interacting surfaces in relative motion with a single movement using a constant load for different speeds.

This research, driven by the company’s environmental awareness, has provided us with knowledge on the reduction of oil consumption and the reduction of the deterioration of parts, thanks to the oil functioning better as a lubricant, and which leads to a greater level of durability of the parts.

At Rallo Servicios Logísticos, we are fully committed to continuing investing in research so that our environmental management encompasses everything from reducing our consumption to recycling our waste.

Rallo Servicios Logísticos