Objective “Compliance” achieved


This 2020 Rallo Logistics Services and its Group companies have fulfilled the objective of implementing a Compliance or set of procedures and good practices adopted to identify and classify the operational and legal risks that we face, establish internal prevention, review and reaction to them.


Why have we set this goal?

Because it provides us with a tool to guarantee our transparency, security for our employees, customers, collaborators and for the viability of the company itself.

It helps us to guarantee compliance with the obligations established by law and the self-imposed ones that define us as a company. We have collected the latter in an ethical code that we have disseminated within the organization itself and to all the people involved, suppliers, clients, collaborators, etc.

Our code of ethics includes all those behaviors that we expect from our employees and collaborators and that, together with legal obligations, will be what defines Rallo Logistics Services.

To consult it or resolve any questions, you can link here or email us to codigoetico@rallo.com.


Rallo Servicios Logísticos