New MAN: 100% Euro 6 engines


With the incorporation of 12 units of the new MAN TGS 18,470, Rallo Servicios Logísticos has reached its goal of having 100% latest-generation engines by 2022, thus continuing its commitment to improving the environment.

The company has renewed 10 units of its vehicles for the new MAN TGS 18.470 – Euro 6 and has additionally expanded the fleet by 2 units of this new model which, thanks to its improved aerodynamics and other innovations, consume up to 8.2% less of fuel than the previous version.

In addition to the improvement in consumption and gas emissions, they incorporate new features that improve both driver comfort and driving performance.

Among others, the following novelties should be highlighted:

  • First class cabin

The completely redesigned driver’s cabin impresses with its excellent ergonomics and intuitive operating philosophy.

  • Comfortable rest area

A comfortable bunk, ample storage space and modern, easy-to-use infotainment invite you to relax during downtime.

  • MAN EfficientCruise2

GPS driving speed control analyzes the route and automatically determines the most profitable gear and speed.

  • Personalized driver assistance

Perform provides vehicle-specific data to further optimize driving performance.


You can check more details about this model from the following link.

Rallo Servicios Logísticos