ISO 39001: Road safety is our priority


Rallo Logistic Services has obtained the ISO 39001 standard certificate, which is based on the implementation of a Road Safety Management System, the main objective of which is to minimize traffic accidents and, therefore, reduce injury rates and deaths in road accidents.

This standard helps us identify the risk factors inherent in our transport activity, establish road safety objectives and execute action plans to achieve these objectives.

Our road safety policy is based on:

Staff awareness of the importance of respecting road safety regulations and responsible conduct to avoid dangers on the road, both in work processes and in commuting.

– Training on our employees to carry out their work in better way.

– The provision of a fleet of modern vehicles and the necessary tools to be able to carry out their work in optimal conditions for their safety and the rest of the users of the public road.

– The necessary preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment to guarantee circulation safely.

– The analysis of the company’s performance in terms of road safety and the taking of necessary actions to improve it and guarantee the commitment to continuous improvement.

The safety of people, goods and equipment has always been and will always be a priority for this company, which is why they continuously worked to improve it.

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