Curtainsiders that improve road, driver and cargo safety


At Rallo Servicios Logísticos, we worry about the safety of both people and goods.

Following the entry into force of Spanish Royal Decree RD 563/2017 last May 20th, the purpose of which is to improve safety conditions on roads in the European Union, the company Rallo Servicios Logísticos has invested in 24 curtainsiders that meet the technical requirements for correctly containing cargo, as established by the EU member states. The new curtainsiders feature a body that complies with the EN-12642-XL standard, which allows us to better fasten the cargo, and which has a payload height of 3,000 mm and payload weight of up to 27,000 kg.

It boasts a manual bilateral elevation system that is distributed across four points, with a total elevation of 500 mm for loading and unloading, and a fixation system at intervals of 50 mm which are between 0 and 200 mm in size, ensuring the safety of the cargo while driving.

These new units are 13,620 mm long (34 Euro-pallets), 2,480 mm wide and cover 98 m3. These technological advances allow us to improve both the safety of the goods being transported, so that they reach their destination in optimal conditions. They also mean greater safety on Spanish and European roads.

Besides, a lock has been fitted on the inside of the vehicle’s door handle as an extra protection from the driver, preventing unauthorised people from gaining access, as well as an anti-theft system fitted in the curtainsider itself.

This new investment by Rallo Servicios Logísticos is even more evidence of its commitment to safer and more competitive transportation that takes into account regulations and the continual improvement of the sector and customer service.


Rallo Servicios Logísticos