19 Apr

Carbon footprint: -10% CO2 per km traveled

Since 2017, Rallo Servicios Logísticos acquired the commitment to measure the impact that the company has on the planet, our Carbon Footprint. Thanks to this commitment, every year we set new environmental objectives, obtaining positive results that directly impact the environment.

In 2022 we have achieved a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere per km traveled, compared to 2021. We are a company committed to the environment and we work every day to optimize energy resources. Obtaining these results is great news and an incentive to continue working on constant improvement.

The company’s fleet renewal plans, together with the constant training of drivers for more efficient driving and preventive maintenance of vehicles, are some of the tools with which we work to reduce these emissions. It should be noted that we also have compensation plans such as 1 SCANIA, 1 tree, a program in which the manufacturer SCANIA undertakes to plant, protect and maintain a tree for each vehicle purchased from this company.

We have increased the compensation of atmospheric emissions by 12% during 2022 and we hope to exceed it in 2023 with our fleet renewal plans, among other measures:

_ Renovation of 36 units of tractor units.

_ Continuous training plans for efficient driving.

_ Preventive maintenance of transport units.

_ Increase in intermodal transport routes.


At Rallo Servicios Logísticos we continue to be more committed than ever to the environment and our Planet with a clear objective of reducing annual emissions, because respect for nature is everyone’s duty.

You can consult the complete 2022 Carbon Footprint report on our home page at www.rallo.com