SQAS average score: 81%


This May, and after the re-evaluation we have had of the SQAS, we have managed to reach an average score of 81% in this audit, which is a score well above the European average for the sector and in which we have managed to reach up to 100% marks in some areas such as “Management System and Responsibility” and “Site Emergency Preparedness and Response”.

The #QSAS is a system for evaluating logistics service providers and chemical product distributors. The areas it analyzes are #quality, #security, #environment and #CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and it allows the chemical industry to value its suppliers under the same quality standards; It is undoubtedly a key element in the logistics operations of the chemical sector.

Thanks to the effort and involvement of the entire team, we continue to improve on issues as relevant to our work as #security and this data supports it. You can check the result of the evaluation from this link.


Rallo Servicios Logísticos