NEW VOLVO L150H. Lower consumption, higher productivity.


Recently, Rallo Logistics Services has acquired a new VOLVO brand L150H loader, a very efficient machine that presents significant improvements that increase the productivity and comfort of our cargo operators, while reducing fuel consumption.

We continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, with better performance and the latest technology, which helps us meet our environmental goals by reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%.


More power, less consumption.

It incorporates improved systems such as the new generation OptiShift, which improves cycle times and reduces consumption; the Eco pedal, an exclusive VOLVO design that reduces wear and tear and increases fuel efficiency; VOLVO’s patented reverse gear with braking function (RBB) that slows down the machine when the operator wants to change direction; and the new dry parking brake.


Up to 10% more productivity.

This new generation promises an increase in productivity of up to 10% with the help of its new load sensing hydraulic system, a dynamic load weighing system with up to 1% precision, the new transmission and gear ratio, its bucket leveling function, a loading assistant and the choice of a lever or multiple levers. All these elements help to improve the performance of the machine, so important to reduce unloading times in high-volume operations.


Built with the operator in mind

In addition, the VOLVO H series shovels incorporate specific improvements for better driving and greater comfort for the loader, such as the new adjustable seat or the new rear-view mirrors.


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