Maritime transport eco-incentive 2023


Rallo Hermanos S.A.U. has been awarded the aid of the first call for the eco-incentive program for the promotion of maritime freight transport based on environmental and socioeconomic merit, within the framework of the recovery, transformation and resilience plan – financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.

. 2022-2023 Eligibility Period

. Ref. Request ECOM_B/23/00036

. Amount granted: €22,616.00

(Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility)

The objective of this program is to promote the transport of goods by sea as an alternative to road, to reduce the environmental and socio-economic costs of road transport (greenhouse gases, air pollution, congestion, accidents and noise).

The duration of the project will be 3 years (2023-2025) and has an initial budget of 6 million euros. During this period, international freight traffic will be subsidized.

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