8 Mar

2021: 5% less emissions per km traveled

We are working on to take care of the environment.

This year we have managed to reduce our emissions into the atmosphere per km traveled by 5% compared to 2020, a great achievement based on our continuous improvement and efficiency policies in the use of energy resources.

In 2017 we acquired the commitment to measure the impact we have on the Planet by calculating the Carbon Footprint, the sum of greenhouse gases emitted by carrying out the activity. Since then, every year we have managed to improve our indicators through compensation and improvement plans that we review year after year.

According to data from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, transport represents 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Spain and specifically road transport represents almost 95% of emissions. That is why we must be more aware than ever in working together with public institutions for the continuous improvement of these indicators that have such an impact on the environment.

Some of our improvement plans are based on:

_ The use of suitable vehicles for each transport need.

_ Planning and optimization of routes through the implementation of mobility systems.

_ Continuous training for our drivers on more efficient driving.

_ Preventive maintenance of transport units.

_ Investment plans in transport units and more efficient machinery.

_ Intermodal transport routes.


From the home page you can consult our 2021 Carbon Footprint report.

At Rallo Servicios Logísticos we remain committed more than ever to the environment and to our Planet with a clear objective of reducing annual emissions, because respecting nature is everyone’s duty.