2020: 18.34% less CO2 emissions


In 2020 we have managed to reduce our Carbon Footprint by 18.34% compared to the previous year, a record achieved thanks to the detection of weak points and the implementation of corrective measures.

The Carbon Footprint of an organization is the sum of greenhouse gases emitted by the exercise of its activity. Since 2017, Rallo Servicios Logísticos decided to measure this indicator annually to assess the impact that the company has on the planet, and thus be able to establish continuous improvement plans.

In a sector such as transportation, where atmospheric emissions represent a high percentage of all sectors, it is more important than ever to quantify and visualize the results provided by the Carbon Footprint to analyze the efficiency of our company in the use of energy resources and be able to take adequate measures to minimize the impact.

We have to feel proud because since 2017 we have managed to lower this indicator annually, thanks to measures such as:

_ The use of adequate vehicles for each transport need.

_ Planning and optimization of routes through the implementation of mobility systems.

_ Continuous training for our drivers on the most efficient driving.

_ Preventive maintenance of transport units.

_ Investment plans in transport units and more efficient machinery.


Here we leave you a link to our report of the Footprint of Carbon 2020 so that you can consult this analysis in more detail.

At Rallo Servicios Logísticos we remain committed more than ever to the environment and our Planet with a clear objective of reducing annual emissions, because respect for nature is a duty of all.

Rallo Servicios Logísticos